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Celestron PowerTank Glow 5000 Red Flashlight & Charger

SKU: CEL-93585

Celestron PowerTank Glow 5000 Red Flashlight & USB Charger

  • For amateur astronomers, this 2-in-1 red LED flashlight and USB mobile device charging power bank is a must-have accessory
  • The Red LED flashlight maintains your night vision by offering three levels of brightness
  • Smartphones, tablets, and other 5V DC electronics can be charged using a USB Type A output port
  • Rechargeable 5000mAh 5V DC lithium-ion battery delivers a full recharge to smartphones
  • Includes silicone mount straps for attaching to a telescope tripod leg or other location to maximize convenience

An indispendable tool for any amateur astronomer, the Celestron PowerTank Glow 5000 is a multi-purpose accessory that acts as both a handheld red LED flashlight with three brightness levels, as well as a 5000 mAh 5V DC power bank for charging smartphones and other mobile devices. Use one of the two included silicone straps to attach the 2-in-1 PowerTank Glow 5000 to your telescope tripod's legs or other convenient location. For handheld use, a wrist strap is also included.

Perfect Astronomy Flashlight

A red flashlight is one of the most beneficial accessories you can own as an amateur astronomer, no matter how occasional your night sky observations may be. The PowerTank Glow is the perfect astronomy flashlight as this will not compromise your vision at night with its red LED flashlight. This flashlight has three brightness levels that allows you to adjust the brightness depending on how dark your observing site is. When your flashlight needs power, no need to change out your batteries like traditional flashlights, just recharge the PowerTank Glow.

The Optimal SkyPortal Power Solution

Continuous use of planetarium apps such as Celestron's SkyPortal can do significant damage to a smartphone or tablet's battery life. Furthermore, your phone will likely not be fully charged when you begin observing so without a convenient way to charge it, your viewing session will be cut short. With the PowerTank Glow 5000, however, you'll be able to spend hours exploring the solar system without the need to worry about battery levels. This compact power bank offers 5000 mAh for a full charge to your mobile devices, allowing you to use them with conviction to scan the night sky, capture images through the eyepiece, and share your experience with friends on social media.

High Quality Lithium Battery Technology

The power bank has an output port for charging 5V DC devices, including smartphones and tablets, as well as an input port for recharging the internal lithium-ion battery. This battery has a minimum of 500x charge cycles, so it can serve your astronomy needs for years to come. Integrated covers protect these input/output ports when they are not in use. In addition, the PowerTank Glow 5000 features overcharge protection, so the battery cannot be damaged if inadvertently left recharging for an extended period.

Easy Use in the Field

All PowerTank Glow 5000 functions are controlled using a single button. Short presses of the button turn the red flashlight on, cycle through the three brightness levels starting with the dimmest, and then turn the flashlight off, while pressing and holding the button turns device charging on and off.