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Coronado PST 0.5 Angstrom Double Stacked Personal Solar Telescope

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Zero In On the Sun with Your 0.5 Personal Solar Telescope!

The Coronado Solar Telescope offers state-of-the-art patented technology to provide superb views of both Solar surface detail and prominences. Sub-angstrom H-A systems have long been cost prohibitive for the amateur, that is until the PST came along! Not only does this double-stacked Coronado PST solar telescope have a bandpass of 0.5 angstroms, but it is also thermally stable and requires no more time to operate than putting in an eyepiece and adjusting the focus. Safe solar observing in H-alpha for a fraction of the cost of other solar filter systems is now a reality!

The narrow passband of the Coronado personal solar telescope and fully multi-coated achromatic doublet objective lenses provide maximum contrast and visibility of active solar regions. This specialized H-alpha telescope will safely reveal dramatic prominences, flares, filaments, granularity, plages, and other solar phenomena. The compact 40mm f/10 refractor uses both an internal etalon filter and a second thread-on external etalon, which transmits only the primary wavelength of light emitted by hydrogen (656.3nm) in the solar chromosphere. The double-stacking produces a bandpass of 0.5A, allowing for greater detail and higher contrast. The Coronado PST telescope is made from milled aluminum and includes a 18mm Kellner eyepiece, an integrated focuser and telescope combination to inhibit dust, and a thread-in metal lens cover to protect the objective lens.