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Farpoint Lightbridge 2 Pound Ring Weight for 12i or 16" Lightbridge - FP315


Farpoint Astro Products Ring Counterweight for 12" - 16" Meade Lightbridge Telescopes - 2 LB


  • Designed exclusively for the 12-16" Meade Lightbridge Telescope.

  • Farpoint Astro Add-on Counterbalance Ring adds two extra pounds.

  • CNC machined from 304 stainless steel for a superior finish and durability.

  • Farpoint Astro Add-on Counterbalance Ring is an additional clamp-on ring weights that work in conjunction with the basic set.

  • Farpoint Astro Counterweight System is sold separately.

Do you need to put on just a little more weight? Not me! But just in case you're using heavier eyepieces and accessories with your Meade LightBridge Telescope, Farpoint Astro offers and an additional dd-on ring balance weight for the Meade LightBridge. Sometimes just an extra two pounds will make all the difference! This part must be used with the Farpoint Astro Basic Counterweight Set for Meade Lightbridge Telescopes. Sold seperately.