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JMI Motofocus For Celestron NexStar SE and Evolution Telescopes - MFNEX6


JMI MotoFocus Kit for Celestron NexStar 5SE, 6SE, 8SE
Also fits Evolution 8 and More

The JMI MotoFocus consists of a miniature friction-driven push-on motor that attaches easily to the Celestron NexStar SE focus knob shaft, and a variable speed hand controller that controls the motor to electronically focus the telescope.

The JMI Motofocus Kit for NexStar & Evolution is no longer available. If you’d like some advice focusing with your NexStar SE, Evolution or other telescope, please feel free to contact one of our non-commissioned product advisors by email, phone or chat. Thanks!

With MotoFocus installed and a little practice at the controls, you will be able to make focus changes in increments that are far smaller than those made manually. Another benefit of electronic focusing is the ability to focus without actually touching the focus knob. This will result in less vibration, and that keeps your image stable…a benefit that is especially noticeable during astrophotography.

The JMI MotoFocus controller are powered by a single 9-Volt battery, and offer electronic braking and variable speed control.

Telescopes that are compatible with the JMI NexStar MotoFocus includes:

  • NexStar 5 SE
  • NexStar 6 SE
  • NexStar 8 SE
  • C6-SGT
  • Evolution 6
  • Evolution 8
  • Evolution 925
  • Omni 127
  • Sky-Watcher BD-150 Mak-Cass