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Meade ETX 90 Observer Computerized Telescope with Free Barlow & Filters - 205004

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SKU: MEA-205004-FG

Get a Free Planetary Filter Kit & Barlow when you buy this ETX-90 Telescope!

High Point is including five astronomy accessories as our gift to you for purchasing the ETX 90 from us! The free accessories include a 2X Barlow Lens to increase the magnification of any of your 1.25" eyepieces by two times, as well as four Apertura 1.25" planetary and lunar filters. See more detail on Jupiter, Saturn and Mars with these blue, red, and green filters, and increase your enjoyment of the Moon and Venus with the included Neutral Density filter. A plastic case that can hold all four filters is included. Enjoy!

Meade ETX 90 Observer Telescope
with Case & AudioStar Controller

  • The Meade ETX 90 Observer is super sharp, high contrast 90mm f/13.8 Maksutov-Cassegrain computerized telescope, and sports UHTC (Ultra-High Transmission Coatings) to kick brightness up a notch
  • The 90 mm optical tube can be easily removed from the fork arms, allowing you to mount the OTA elsewhere if you choose
  • The Meade AudioStar hand controller guides you to over 30,000 objects and can tell you about a wide range of celestial delights through its built-in speaker!
  • The full-sized metal tripod comes with a tilt plate, allowing you to set up equatorially when doing astrophotography
  • The ETX 90 Observer includes a 26 mm and 9.7 mm Super Plossl eyepiece for 48X and 129X magnification
  • A Red Dot Viewfinder comes standard to help you aim the scope
  • Store your ETX 90 Observer in a hard carry case—there’s even a bag for your tripod so everything is protected!

Starting your astronomy journey with the Meade ETX 90 is an excellent choice. Take advantage of 3.5” of aperture to enjoy close-up views of the solar system and celestial objects anytime, anywhere. Packing your ETX 90 Observer and tripod at a moment’s notice is a breeze with the carrying case and durable tripod bag.

The Meade ETX 90 Observer fully equips the modern explorer with a sophisticated, automated and portable telescope. Its dual-purpose design includes a removable OTA and includes exceptional features like AudioStar, GOTO technology, and a large 30,000 object database. It’s a perfect scope to accompany you during camping, hiking, and outdoor activities. Exploring and night-sky stargazing is fun, easy and educational. With the Meade ETX 90, you’ll see planets, stars, galaxies and nebulae at the push of a button.

The ETX90 Observer has a Maksutov-Cassegrain optical design for pinpoint star images and extraordinary contrast, making it a great deep sky performer and ideal for detailed lunar and planetary observation at high magnifications. The Ultra-High Transmission Coatings (UHTC) give maximum light transmission, ensuring the brightest images and the highest contrast. It has a flip mirror to let light focus to the rear of the telescope (instead of the mirror reflecting the light 90 degrees to the eyepiece), allowing attachment of a camera on the back of the scope (adapters not included). The ETX 90 Observer comes with a Bubble Level/Compass to make sure your tripod and mount are level.

A portable but extremely stable full size steel tripod is included in this wonderful telescope package, and it is topped with an equatorial tilt plate, allowing for the polar alignment necessary for long exposure astrophotography. You will also receive a hard carry case for the mount/optical tube and accessories, and a tripod bag for the tripod. This super portable, super powerful telescope is ready to go at a moment’s notice, a cinch to set up, and a blast to use! Learn more about the Meade ETX Observer series in the comprehensive video below!


Meade ETX 90 Observer Specifications

  • Clear Aperture: 90mm
  • Optical Design: Maksutov-Cassegrain
  • Optical Coatings: UTHC
  • Focal Length: 1250 mm
  • Focal Ratio: f/13.8
  • Resolving Power: 1.29 arc-seconds
  • Viewfinder: Red Dot
  • Eyepieces: 1.25” Super Plossl Eyepieces: 26mm (48x) and 9.7mm (129x)
  • Dovetail: Vixen-Style
  • Mount Type: Fork type; double-tine
  • Hand Controller: AudioStar™
  • Object Database : 30,000 objects
  • Tripod: Full Size Steel Tripod with EQ tilt plate
  • Time Chip: Yes
  • Assembled Product Weight: 18.91 lb.
  • Carry Case Outer Diameter : 22.5" x 10.25" x 13.75"

About the Free Goods

Apertura 2x Barlow

Crafted with Multi-Coated Optics, Blackened Lens Edges, Filter Threads, and Secure Thumb Screw, this Apertura Barlow lens is a great magnification tool! The 2x Barlow works with 1.25" eyepieces and filters and generates exquisite images of the night sky with fully multi-coated optics. When you add this Apertura Barlow to your included eyepieces, you will be able to double their magnification! At only 3.1" in length, the 2x Barlow lens is a great low profile Barlow lens.

Apertura 4-Piece 1.25" Filter Set

Apertura 1.25” filters are made of high quality, solid plane parallel glass with anti-reflection coating to prevent glare and ghosting. All four filters have a full 26mm clear aperture and are mounted in a black anodized aluminum cell that is threaded on both sides to fit eyepieces and stack with each other.

The 4-piece 1.25” filter set from Apertura includes a #80A Blue, #58 Green, #25 Red, and a Neutral Density ND96-0.9 Filter in a plastic storage container. Color filters can be an invaluable aid in lunar and planetary observing. They reduce glare and light scattering, increase contrast through selective filtration, increase definition and resolution, reduce irradiation and lessen eye fatigue.

About the Included Filters

80A Blue Filter - 30% Transmission - This Apertura blue filter is useful for the observing the Great Red Spot on Jupiter or to enhance the boundaries between the giant planet's reddish belts and their adjacent bright zones. With this filter installed, you can also study surface features and polar ice caps on Mars or improve Mercury's surface markings at twilight, when the elusive planet is low on the horizon. When observing Saturn, the blue filter will enhance low-contrast features, such as those found between the belts and zones. Checking out a comet? Use a blue filter to bring out definition in its gaseous tail.

58 Green Filter - 24% Transmission - This green filter can help you see the Great Red Spot on Jupiter, as well as lunar features on the Moon. Mars observations are enhanced pretty much across the board, including the polar ice caps, low clouds, and dust storms. You can also more easily see the cloud patterns on Venus with the #58 green filter, see white features in Saturn's atmosphere, and observe brighter comets.

25 Red Filter - 14% Transmission - The red filter from Apertura will help with daytime observations of Venus and Mercury by darkening the blue sky. When observing Jupiter and Saturn, you can expect the red filter to help you study clouds that have a bluish hue. You can enhance polar ice caps on Mars as well as surface details, and this red filter will also sharpen the boundaries of yellow dust clouds.

Neutral Density ND91 Filter - 13% Transmission - A neutral density filter is great for looking at the Moon or other bright objects, such as Venus, without changing the color. Using this Apertura ND filter will dim the light coming to your eye so that you can see more detail. This ND Filter, which is sometimes called a Moon Filter, has a density value of 0.89.