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Magnifying Glass

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Konus Hobby 50 mm 3.5x Magnifying Glass - 3401

SKU: KON-3401
  • Microscope Product Type: Microscope Accessories

Take the magnification capabilities of a microscope on the go with one of these magnifying glasses! A magnifying glass is a simple lens designed to produce a magnified image of an object. Traditionally, the lens of a magnifying glass is housed in a thin round cell and mounted on a handle. While a magnifying glass is normally used to zoom in on small objects, they can also be used to focus light, such as radiation from the sun. By focusing light, a magnifying is also an excellent tool for starting a fire.

High Point Scientific offers a full range of magnifying glasses for sale to suit your needs. Konus and Celestron are the top brands in the microscopy industry, and we offer many of their excellent products for you to choose from. When looking for a magnifying glass, pay attention to the magnifying power designation. Too little magnification will result in a distant image while too much magnification will cause your image to become blurry and out of focus.

Be sure to check out many of our helpful accessories to enhance your explorations. We offer a full assortment of prepared slides, books, adapters, and much more to get you, your class or your lab started. Not sure where to start? The experts at High Point Scientific are ready to answer all of your questions.

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