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Microscope Slides

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Celestron Prepared Microscope Slides Set - 44410

SKU: CEL-44410
  • Microscope Product Type: Slides & Cover Slips
$21.95 $19.95

Celestron Prepared Microscope Slide Set - 100 Piece - 44412

SKU: CEL-44412
  • Microscope Product Type: Slides & Cover Slips
$69.95 $64.95

Celestron Microscope Cover Slips - 100 piece box - 44418

SKU: CEL-44418
  • Microscope Product Type: Slides & Cover Slips
$2.95 $2.49

What would a microscope be without a specimen to observe? But in order to quickly switch out specimens, you’re going to need a slide or two. These handy slides are typically made of glass, designed for clarity and precision when viewing with a microscope. Easily mount your specimen to the optical quality glass and attach the top pane of glass to protect the specimen. At High Point Scientific, we have glass slides from the most trusted brands in the industry. Whether you prefer Celestron or Konus, we are confident these slides are made with quality materials for lasting durability and clarity.

We offer a full assortment of Konus and Celestron microscope slides for you to explore the fascinating world of microscopy. With these prepared slides, you will be able to view cells of a wide variety of complexities. From simple organisms to bird and lizard cells, you will be amazed by how intricate something so small could be. In fact, these prepared cells could be a great tool for the teachers in the classroom. Students will get hands-on experience observing cell structures from the vegetables, humans, and other living organisms.

You can also use your own imagination with blank glass slides. A blank slide allows you or your students to create your own samples from nearly anything you can think of. These can even be used for observing microscopic technology. If you are making your own slides, it is important to invest in cover slips, in order to preserve your samples. No matter what you decide, we have the experts to help you choose the products that are right for you.

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