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Orion 1.25" LRGB Filter Set - 05563

SKU: ORI-05563

Orion 1.25" LRGB Filter Set 05563

  • The Orion LRGB 1.25" Filter set makes it possible for enthusiasts to create stunning three-step RGB astrophotos, just like the pros.

  • The Orion LRGB 1.25" Filter set features Green, Blue, Red and the haze-eliminating Luminance filter producing breath taking astrophotographic results.

  • Combining separate astrophotographs taken through these LRGB filters produces finer resolution and amazing color.

  • This Orion 1.25" LRGB Filter set works perfectly with any Orion Filter Wheels and Orion Astronomical Imaging Cameras.

  • All of the filters in the LRGB Filter set are threaded anodized aluminum cells, ensuring durability and are all made from quality glass.

If you wish to create high-quality, composite color astrophotos with a monochrome imaging camera, we highly recommend taking your astrophotography to the next level with this set of 1.25" Luminance (IR cutoff), Blue, Red, and Green telescope filters. Combining separate images taken through these four filters with a monochrome CCD provides a higher-resolution final image than an image from a comparably sized color CCD. What makes the Orion LRGB set so unique is the dichroic glass, the IR-blocking coating, and the filters are all parfocal which eliminates the need for refocusing between exposure sets. This design provides maximum transmission and their anodized aluminum cells thread into the Orion multiple and motorized filter wheels for convenient filter selection.