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Revolution 9800mAH Battery Pack with AC Charger - RI-9800

SKU: REV-RI-9800

This 9800mAH 12V battery pack has twice as much capacity as the standard 4800 battery, and is recommended for power hungry accessories like the Revolution WiFi Emitter. The Revolution 9800 comes with an AC charger. With additional battery packs you can make sure your Revolution Imager, accessories and mount have all the power you need for that long dark-sky trip or for the assurance that you'll never run out of power mid-observing!

The Revolution Battery Packs can also be used to power your 12v telescope mounts, the tip is the correct size for Celestron mounts or if you have a Meade mount you can purchase the optional tip adapter (RI-C2M) A 9800mAH battery provides about 6-8 hours of charge.