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Takahashi LED Illuminator for 7x50 Finder - TKA00554


Takahashi LED Illuminator
for 7x50 Finder

  • New Product Number: TKA00554
  • Old Product Number: TRI0001

The Takahashi LED Illuminator will thread into the reticle port of the Takahashi 7 x 50 Finderscope, as well as the 11 x 70 finder and the 5mm guiding eyepiece, also by Takahashi. The wireless illuminator has adjustable brightness settings, allowing you to easily brighten or dim your finder's reticle to adjust to the brightness level of the objects you are viewing. The on-off switch at the end of the illuminator serves as the brightness control for the red LED. The Takahashi Illuminator runs on two LR44 batteries, and your first set are supplied.