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Tele Vue NP101is Nagler-Petzval APO Refractor Telescope OTA - NPI-4057

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Between November 11 and December 30, you'll get a free Nagler Type 6 or DeLite Eyepiece direct from Tele Vue when you buy this Tele Vue refractor telescope AND it's matching Tele Vue Accessory Kit from High Point! To take advantage of this offer, Tele Vue will require proof of purchase and other documents and there may be other rules, so please read the attached document about the sale carefully and then download the required forms...both are located in the Files tab below. Thanks!

Tele Vue NP101is Refracting Telescope OTA

  • TeleVue NP101is Refracting Telescope delivers exemplary wide field and planetary visual capability on an ever so fast scope
  • The NP101is has a new draw tube which permits quick change from visual imaging operation allowing full camera rotation without focus change
  • TeleVue's NP101is has added features to make imaging more flexible and easier
  • NP101is has larger rear lens groups which minimize vignetting in formats up to 50 mm diagonal

TeleVue's NP101is Refracting Telescope has pushed the boundaries of APO refractors once again. This "is" version retains the exemplary wide field and planetary visual capability while adding new features to make imaging easier and more flexible. By applying the already well craft features of the TeleVue 60is to the new NP101is, this refracting scope operates as perfect as possible for imaging up to 50 mm diagonal chips without penalty to its near ideal visual operation.

The NP101is maintains optical specifications but are redesigned with 4-element optical systems. Using larger lens groups helps minimize vignetting in formats up to 50 mm diagonal. For these large chips an optional field corrector was developed so the corners of the newly brightened edges would virtually be as perfect as the center of the field. TeleVue developed a larger draw tube and focuser having a 3" front aperture and 2.4" rear aperture. This feature helps eliminate any restriction of the larger diameter converging light cone. Also, the new draw tube permits quick change from visual to imaging operation. This allows full camera rotation without focus change. The draw tube has four lock screw that tighten against a taper on the "imaging insert" ring which help maintain squareness to the optical axis when changing camera orientation.

The 10:1 dual speed focuser customer designed by Starlight Instruments provides extremely sensitive focus adjustment, measurable with the optional Digital Micrometer Kit to better than 1/10,000". Permitting electronic motor control of the focusing process is possible with the optional Focusmate Driver. This driver has an adjustable speed and direction push-buttons. Just one simple tap of the button permits vibration-free focusing steps as small as approximately 0.0005". The Focusmate Driver can be remotely compter controlled with optional Focusmaster Computer Interface.

Some features of the NP101 Imaging System include dual speed knobs on the right side of the scope only, knobs with knurled rubber grip rings, new draw tube permitting quick change from visual to imaging operation and allowing full camera rotation without focus change, large focuser and draw tube, and inserted thread to accept TeleVue's new Imaging System accessories. All together this product makes for great observation with the utmost technological and creative advances.