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Our experts at High Point have chosen several telescopes that we believe would make great planetary instruments and would, at the same time, serve you well for other astronomy pursuits. Next, we bundled these planetary telescopes with our Ultimate Planetary Barlow & Filter Kit, which includes nine (9) additional astronomy accessories that will enhance your enjoyment of Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and other wonders of our solar system.

The High Point Ultimate Planetary Barlow and Filter Kit consists of eight different 1.25" threaded color filters that will help bring out subtle details on a planet's surface or cloud structure, as well as a high quality 1.25" Barlow lens that multiplies any eyepiece's magnification by 2.25X. Coupled with the eyepiece or eyepieces you'll receive with your new telescope, you'll be able to get stunning views of our celestial neighbors, especially Mars, which peaks in size and closeness to Earth at the end of July.

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Telescopes with Ultimate Planetary & Barlow Kit

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