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Tele Vue FoneMate Smartphone to Eyepiece Adapter - SFA-0001


Tele Vue FoneMate Smart Phone Adapter
Fits All Tele Vue Dioptrix Compatible Eyepieces

Take pictures with your Smartphone through a wide selection of Dioptrx-compatible Tele Vue eyepieces! The FoneMate Adapter is adjustable, and will fit phones with a width range of 2.3 to 4.7 inches, and a height range of 4.4 to 8.3 inches. Backplate pads are included to adjust the fit for phones with contours on their back surface.

Keep in mind that if you own a Tele Vue eyepiece that requires an adapter to become “Dioptrx-compatible”, you will need that adapter to attach the FoneMate as well. Compatible eyepieces are listed below. The proper adapter is listed for those that require it.

Compatible Tele Vue Eyepieces

All Ethos, Ethos SX, DeLite, and Delos eyepieces (no additional adapter required) plus the following focal lengths in the Nagler, Plossl, and Panoptic Series:

Nagler Series:

    • 31mm Type 5

  • 26mm Type 5

  • 22mm Type 4

  • 20mm Type 5 - Requires DEA-0001

  • 17mm Type 4

  • 13mm Type 6 - Requires DNA-6000

  • 12mm Type 4

  • 11mm Type 6 - Requires DNA-6000

  • 9mm Type 6 - Requires DNA-6000

  • 7mm Type 6 - Requires DNA-6000

  • 5mm Type 6 - Requires DNA-6000

  • 3.5mm Type 6 - Requires DNA-6000

  • 2.5mm Type 6 - Requires DNA-6000

Panoptic Series:

    • 41mm

  • 35mm

  • 27mm

  • 24mm - Requires DEA-0001

  • 19mm - Requires DEA-0001

Plossl Series:

    • 55mm

  • 40mm

  • 32mm