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William Optics 1.25” 90° Erect Prism Diagonal - D-EP90-125-II

SKU: WYO-D-EP90-125-II

William Optics 1.25” 90° Erect Prism

This innovative William Optics 90°, 1.25" erect prism diagonal is equipped with a helical focuser barrel. The Erect Prism is a great tool that will aid observers as they voyage across the night sky with their telescopes. Not only is it a great nighttime observing tool, but it works great for daytime observations as well!

  • Prism: Image erecting BAK4 prism
  • Coating: Anti-reflection
  • Adjustment: Helical focuser on the top barrel
  • Feature: Internally matte blackended for no internal stray light reflection
  • Threaded: Internally threaded
  • Compatibility: Threaded for 1.25" filters