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William Optics 1.25" 90° RedCat & WhiteCat Erecting Prism - Silver - D-EP90-125-RC51-SL

SKU: WYO-D-EP90-125-RC51-SL

William Optics 1.25" Red Cat/White Cat Erecting Prism

This 1.25" Erecting Prism Diagonal from William Optics is made specifically for the Red Cat 51 and White Cat 51. It is made with silver anodized plate, and the housing is the CNC machined with 6061T aluminum. The inside of the diagonal is matte blackened and threaded so there is no internal stray light reflection.

The 90° erecting prism has a 1.25" barrel and helps the Cat series telescopes the ability to provide quality daytime observations. The BAK4 image erecting prism is also equipped with an anti-reflection coating and has high accuracy and high light transmission.

William Optics' 1.25" Cat Series Erecting Prism will fit any 1.25" eyepieces.