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Bob's Knobs Meade 12" SCT Collimation Knobs For 3 or 4 Screw Secondary - M12-3

SKU: BOB-M12-3

Bob's Knobs Meade 10" SCT Collimation Knobs For 3 or 4-Screw Secondary Holder

  • Bob's Knobs Meade 12" f/10 SCT versions with three or four screws on the secondary housing include LX200, etc
  • Bob's Knobs are a black plastic material of 16mm in diameter
  • If your secondary housing has a fourth screw on the side please note that that it is for secondary disassembly and should not be used for collimation
  • The Bob's Knobs Meade 12" SCT f/10 Collimation Knob threads are a black anodized aluminum alloy
  • Included in your Bob's Knobs order is an Allen Wrench for removal of factory collimation screws