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Celestron EclipSmart 50mm Solar Telescope with Backpack

SKU: CEL-22060

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Celestron EclipSmart 50 mm Solar Travel Scope

  • Fully coated 50 mm glass optics provide a pleasantly sharp focus for viewing sunspot groups.
  • Permanently mounted full aperture glass solar filters have been independently inspected to comply with ISO-certified standards for safe direct observation of the sun. The filters are permanently mounted and cannot be detached unintentionally during viewing sessions.
  • Solar Safe finderscope provides easy telescope alignment to the sun with no direct solar viewing required. Simply line up the shadow of the pointer with the target reticle center and your eyepiece should display the sun.
  • Both excellent stability as well as easy telescope adjustments and aiming are provided by the included photo-style alt-azimuth mount and tripod. This refractor can point directly overhead without obstruction.
  • Package includes a 20 mm 1.25" Kellner eyepiece with a wide field of view for smoothing solar tracking while offering 18x magnification for a good image scale.
  • For convenient, secure transportation, a handy lightweight backpack for carrying your solar refractor, tripod, and all accessories is included.

This devoted white-light solar travel scope is best-suited for the active observer. It's a refracting telescope with 50 mm aperture and Solar Safe, ISO compliant, full-aperture glass filter material to guarantee safe observation of the sun's details. This kit has all the necessary items for a memorable solar viewing experience, including the aforementioned devoted solar telescope, Solar Safe finder, tripod, supreme quality 20 mm Kellner eyepiece with 18x magnification, and a nylon backpack to carry everything with you to your viewing location. The Celestron 50 mm Solar Travel Scope gives users the ability to easily share an eclipse with the entire family and provides significantly higher magnifications than you would be able to obtain via binoculars or handheld solar viewers.

Celestron EclipSmart 50 mm Solar Travel Scope Specifications

  • Optical Design: Refractor
  • Aperture: 50 mm
  • Focal Length: 360 mm
  • Focal Ratio: f.7.2
  • Objective Lens Type: Air-spaced achromatic doublet
  • Optical Coatings: Fully coated
  • Solar Filters: Permanently mounted, full aperture, ISO certified glass filters
  • Finderscope: Zero power Solar Safe finder
  • Eyepiece: 20 mm 1.25" Kellner with 18x magnification
  • Highest Useful Magnification: 118x
  • Lowest Useful Magnification: 7.14x
  • Rayleigh Resolution: 2.79 arc seconds
  • Dawes Resolution: 2.32 arc seconds
  • Light Gathering Power: 51x better than the unaided eye

Solar Safe Technology
All EclipSmart products contain Celestron Solar Safe filter technology. Separately tested by SAI Global Assurance Services, this technology filters out 99.999% of intense visible light while providing superior protection against harmful UV and IR light for a guaranteed safe direct observation of the sun.