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The Silver Grade program offers a wide variety of telescopes, eyepieces, and other products with little to no mileage that are guaranteed to perform optically and mechanically. These items are still held to the same stringent guidelines set forth by the Explore Scientific Quality Control Staff. These items may have been used at events and shows, as sales samples, or they may have never been used but were not sold as new due to slight cosmetic imperfections. Regardless, upon registration, they are backed with the transferable Explore Star Warranty, the same warranty that is given for any new Explore Scientific product. 

Silver Grade items from Explore Scientific go through an intense quality control process that begins with a visual inspection. After removing the packing material from the optical tube assembly, immediate visual inspections are conducted for any structural abnormalities. After this process, Explore technicians will analyze all of the mechanical aspects. 

Through this extensive process, the technicians hand-inspect every aspect of each product to ensure that they will perform as well as any new Explore Scientific instrument. Explore guarantees that no product is deemed Silver Grade if it is not 100% mechanically and optically sound. Once approved by QA, each product receives a professional cleaning and is carefully packaged and sealed for shipment.