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Farpoint 2" Desiccant Cap - FP325


Farpoint 2" Desiccant Cap

Nothing is going to stop the life of your telescope quicker than moisture inside, and moisture happens. Now there's a way to fight back effectively when your telescope is in storage or transport! The Farpoint 2" Desiccant Cap fits perfectly inside the focuser of your telescope and safely holds a desiccant packet that absorbs excess moisture and protects your precious optics night and day, year in and year out. Keep black mold, fungus and more away with this simple, ingenious design! Just insert in the focuser and forget the worry. Just insert these environmentally friendly, non-poisonous packets and watch the "indicator" and when the color changes? It's time to refill! The Farpoint Desiccant Cap comes with 6 recharges of 18 individual packets and replacement packages are readily available.


  • The Farpoint Desiccant Cap is designed for closed tube telescopes with 2 inch focusers.

  • Perfect for refractors!

  • The Farpoint Desiccant Cap includes 6 recharges (18 individual packs) of desiccant.

  • Refills available.