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Farpoint FAR-Sight Standard Mounting Screw For Multiple Binoculars - FP101


Farpoint FAR-Sight Mounting Screw For Multiple Binoculars,
Standard FP101

  • Farpoint FAR-Sight Binocular Mounting Screws enable the use of several binoculars on the same mount.

  • Designed exclusively for binoculars with 1/4" thread.

  • Works with 20 threads per square inch.

  • Farpoint FAR-Sight Binocular Mounting Screws fit all standard binoculars.

Have you ever wanted to use more then one pair of binoculars on your Farpoint FAR-Sight Mounting Bracket System? Well guess what, you can! By purchasing additional FAR-Sight Binocular Screws you are able to use multiple binoculars with a single FAR-Sight bracket. (With the purchase of FAR-Sight a single standard mounting screw is included.) The FAR-Sight Binocular Mounting Screw is for binoculars that have the standard 1/4 inch x 20 threads per inch mounting hole. (Most binoculars use this configuration.)