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Farpoint Laser Collimator 650nm Red Laser - Red Body - 1.25"/2" - FP210

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Farpoint Laser Collimator, Red Body, 650nm Red Laser, 1.25" - 2" Combo FP210

  • The Farpoint Astro Laser Collimator fits either 1.25" or 2" standard focusers.

  • Emits a single 650nm red beam.

  • For rugged durability the Farpoint Astro Laser Collimator is made from anodized aluminum.

  • Emits the faintest beam of light possible for eye safety.

  • Weighs 2 pounds.

The Farpoint Astro Laser Collimator is a 650nm laser equipped collimator designed to fit both 1.25" and 2" standard focusers. The laser equipped collimator emits the faintest beam possible ensuring eye safety. Collimation should be performed in dark situation and low light. The laser collimator is made from a classy colored anodized aluminum body and included with your purchase is a mirror spotting template, center spots, and instructions.