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Ken Press Guide to the Stars 11-inch Student Planisphere

SKU: KEN-1-928771-22-X

"Guide to the Stars" Student Planisphere

This wheel of stars, called a planisphere, is a key to a great adventure. Whether in your backyard with your family or in a field with friends, you will learn about the stars.

Learning the stars is fun! With some patience, the night sky reveals itself. Follow the easy directions to use your planisphere, and then try to match the bright stars you see in the sky with what you see on this planisphere by Ken Graun. In the weeks and months to come, different stars will appear!

For use in the northern hemisphere. For children of all ages, especially those 5 to 15. Featuring 70 constellations, 55 star names, and more.

Are you ready? Fasten your seat belts, look up, and welcome to the voyage of a lifetime.