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Meade 8" ACF Light Switch Computerized Telescope - 0810-03-10

SKU: MEA-0810-03-10
This Meade 8" ACF Light Switch Telescope has been discontinued and is no longer available. We recommend browsing through our current selection of 8" catadioptric telescope models for a suitable alternative. If we can be of assistance, please don't hesitate to call us at 1-800-266-9590 or send us an email, and we will be happy to help you. Thank you!

Meade 8" ACF Light Switch Computerized Telescope

When Meade announced LightSwitch Technology in early 2009, the amateur astronomy game changed. Simply flip a switch on a Meade 8 LightSwitch and it automatically aligns itself in the night sky. Built-in GPS, magnetic north sensors, level sensors and a CCD camera do all the work - within minutes you're observing with your Meade LS 8 ACF telescope!

Meade Astronomer Inside Technology:

Let your Meade 8 LightSwitch take you on a multi-media guided tour of the night sky. Choose the Tonight's Best tour and the Astronomer Inside automatically moves the telescope to the best objects in that night's sky. At each object, listen as the Astronomer Inside describes in detail, fascinating facts and history. Attach the optional LCD Color video monitor to your Meade LS 8 ACF and you now have a dazzling multi-media presentation that integrates rich audio and video. Or select your favorite object and your Meade 8 LightSwitch takes you to it and tells you all about it. It's like having an astronomer at your side!

Meade Advanced Coma-Free (ACF) Optical System:

Since 1972, Meade has consistently manufactured the finest optics available. Now, for the truly discerning individual who demands the very best, - the optical system of the Meade LS 8 ACF (advanced coma-free) telescope delivers the sharpest, brightest image available. Optical systems are made with superior materials, featuring Schott water white glass front correctors, oversized Pyrex primary mirrors, and include Meade's UHTC coatings for optimum light transmission. You get Meade's legendary optics.