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Meade Polaris DC Motor Drive - 616000

SKU: MEA-616000

Meade Polaris DC Motor Drive

Offering easy and direct attachment to all Meade Polaris EQ telescopes, models 216001 through 216006, the Meade Polaris Electric RA Motor Drive, once it has been attached and activated, will allow telescope motion at the sidereal rate to enable celestial object tracking and centering. The variable speed adjustment feature makes changing the speed necessary to track the Moon, planets, or stars quick and easy. As soon as the Polaris EQ Mount has achieved proper polar alignment, the motor drive will maintain your object's position at the center of the field of view for 10 to 20 minutes before requiring that the object be re-centered. Suitable for operation in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. A convenient N/S switch on the motor housing controls the tracking direction. The RA motor drive can remain permanently attached to your telescope following installation. Includes a required single standard 9V battery that provides approximately 40 hours of total run time, lasting through several highly entertaining observing sessions.