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Meade Universal AC Power Adapter - 07584

SKU: MEA-07584

Meade Universal AC Power Adapter - 12VDC

This is a convenient Universal Power Adapter which will convert normal USA household AC power to 12 VDC. Use this AC/DC adapter with any Meade telescope system which requires 12 VDC. Includes a standard grounded outlet plug (3 prongs).

Compatible with most Meade models including LX85, ETX Observer Series, LS, LX90, LX200GPS, LX200ACF, LX600 and LX850 models. Also compatible with all Meade models from past production which have a 12V "phono" type power input jack. Note: not compatible with models requiring 18 volt power supply including 16" and LX200 "Classic" models. Consult your instruction manual if you are unsure as to which power supply is required for your telescope.