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Pegasus Astro FocusCube Hand Controller - FC-HC


Pegasus FocusCube Hand Controller

This hand controller is exclusively compatible with the Pegasus FocusCube and allows no vibration precision manual focusing!

Digital Encoder with Push Button

Resembling the knob on your focuser, this controller's digital knob rotates for easy focus. For precision focusing, simply press the knob inside. Speed reduces to 1:10, same as with your focuser's fine focus knob.

Operates Simultaneously with your PC

Plugging this hand controller into the FocusCube's auxillary port enables precise manual focusing with no vibrations. And when you want to use your PC to control the FocusCube, removing the hand controller is not necessary as they are capable of functioning together.

LED Indicator

Two LEDs are located on top of the RJ45 socket. The Green LED indicates coarse focus while the yellow LED indicates fine 1:10 focus.

This FocusCube Hand Controller is suitable for use with the Pegasus FocusCube only. Plugging this device into any other Pegasus Astro Product may result in damage to one or both devices.