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Eyepiece Accessories

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Clicklock 1.25"/T2 Eyepiece Holder

Baader Planetarium Clicklock 1.25"/T2 Eyepiece Holder - T2-08

SKU: BAD-T2-08
  • This Clicklock Eyepiece Holder eliminates eyepiece wobble.

  • Baader has designed the holder to be a 3-point clamp action.

  • The holder is compatible with standard 1.25" eyepieces and accessories.

  • It includes two knurled screws and brass compression ring to firmly hold accessories.

Astro Systems 2" to 1.25" Standard Eyepiece Adapter - SEA

  • The Standard Eyepiece Adapter is designed to let users use 1.25" eyepieces with a telescope that accept 2" eyepieces.

  • Astro Systems has designed this adapter out of anodized aluminum.

  • The Astro Systems Eyepiece Adapter is threaded for 48 mm filters.

  • Included with this adapter is a polished stainless steel set screw.
1.25" / T-2 Budget Eyepiece Holder

Baader Planetarium 1.25" / T-2 Budget Eyepiece Holder - EYEHOLD-1

  • This Baader Eyepiece Holder is meant to attach T-2 male threads.

  • The eyepiece holder will accept 1.25" standard astronomical eyepieces.

  • Baader's eyepiece holder utilizes a single locking screw.

  • This black eyepiece holder works as a standard 1.25" accessory.
Baader Planetarium Focusing Eyepiece Holder - 1.25"/T-2

Baader Planetarium 1.25" /T-2 Focusing Eyepiece Holder - EYEHOLD-2

  • This Baader Eyepiece holder is used for attaching to T-2 male threads.

  • The holder will hold any 1.25" standard eyepieces.

  • The telescope side of the holder has female T-2 threads, and the other side has a 1.25"receptacle with two knurled screws and brass compression ring.

  • Baader's holder has a an optical length of 28 mm to 34 mm with a Helical focusing system.
Baader Planetarium 14 mm Hyperion Finetuning Ring

Baader Planetarium Hyperion 14mm Finetuning Ring - HDFT14

  • Using this Finetuning Ring will allow you to change the focal length of your Hyperion eyepiece.

  • Baader has made sure to design this ring to perfectly match Hyperion eyepieces.

  • The ring has an outside diameter of outside diameter (OD) of 2".

  • Baader's Hyperion finetuning ring has an M48 filter thread.
Baader 28 mm Hyperion Finetuning Ring

Baader Planetarium 28mm Hyperion Finetuning Ring - HDFT-28

  • Using this 28 mm Finetuning Ring will allow you to change the focal length of your Hyperion eyepiece.

  • Baader has made sure to design this ring to perfectly match Hyperion eyepieces.

  • The ring has an outside diameter of outside diameter (OD) of 2".

  • Baader's Hyperion finetuning ring has an M48 filter thread.

Meade 1.25" Eyepiece Holder for SCT Telescopes - 07182

SKU: MEA-07182
  • This visual back screws onto the 2" rear cell of Schmidt-Cassegrain or Maksutov-Cassegrain telescopes.

  • The eyepiece holder is designed to hold 1.25" eyepieces.

  • Because of the design, this visual back can also accept any 1.25" barrel accessory.

  • Using this allows for direct observations from an SCT.
$39.99 $34.95

Orion 2" Eyepiece Adapter For Long Newtonian Telescopes - 05122

SKU: ORI-05122
  • The Orion 2" eyepiece adapter is meant to work with the Orion 2" Crayford-type telescope focuser.

  • Using this adapter gives users the ability to have visual use of eyepieces with specialty focuser.

  • Coupling this adapter with the 2" Orion focuser will allow some reflector telescope optical tubes to reach focus.

  • The adapter is precision machined and black in color.

Farpoint Astro Parfocalizing Ring for 1.25" Barrel - FP500

  • This eyepiece parfocalizing ring is anodized blue.

  • Farpoint Astros' parfocalizing ring fits 1.25" barrels.

  • The ring includes an Allen wrench included.

  • The eyepiece is not included.

High Point Eyepiece Barrel Dust Cap For 1.25" Barrels - HPS-EPBC1

  • The eyepiece cap is built from durable plastic.

  • Using this is a great replacement for standard dust caps.

  • The barrel dust cap is crack resistant.

  • High Point's Barrel dust cap is made to work with 1.25" barrels.

High Point Dust Plug for 1.25" Diagonals Barlows & Adapters - HPS-EPDP1

  • This dust plug is made for diagonals, Barlow lenses, and adapters.

  • High Point has design this dust plug out of durable plastic.

  • The plug will fit all 1.25" barrel openings.

  • This female dust plug is a great replacement for stock plugs.

High Point Dust Plug for 2" Diagonals Barlows & Adapters - HPS-EPDP2

  • This female dust plug fits 2" barrels.

  • High Point has constructed the plug from durable plastic.

  • The material of the plug makes it crack resistant.

  • The plugs are made for diagonals, barlow lenses, and adapters

Tele Vue Flat-Top 2" to 1.25" Adapter - ACF-2125

  • The Flat-Top adapter allows users to use 1.25" eyepieces in any 2" focuser or diagonal.

  • This adapter is the short version.

  • Tele Vue has included a brass compression clamp ring to firmly hold the eyepieces without marring.

  • The adapter is black in color.

Tele Vue 2" to 1.25" Satin HiHat Adapter - ASF-8125

  • Using this HiHat adapter from Tele Vue allows users to place 1.25" accessories where 2" accessories are normally accepted.

  • Tele Vue's adapter has a high rise head.

  • The Satin HiHat adapter weighs a total of 12 ounces.

  • The Tele Vue HiHat adapter has a satin black exterior finish

Tele Vue Bronze Equalizer 2" to 1.25" HiHat Adapter - BEC-0005

  • The Tele Vue HiHat Adapter is made out of heavy weight solid bronze.

  • Using this HiHat adapter works just like a standard 2" to 1.25" adapter.

  • The HiHat adapter adds 12 oz to help maintain balance.

  • The Bronze Equalizer from Tele Vue comes with an anti-reflection angle.

Tele Vue Eyeguard Extender - Twist-on Style - EGE-0020

  • Using this extender will raise the eyeguard position by 8 mm.

  • The eyeguard extender is black anodized aluminum and has anti-reflection threads.

  • Tele Vue has made the units stackable.

  • Included are two rings that thread together to clamp on the eyepiece.
Baader Planetarium Four-In-One Universal Eyepiece Clamp - 2"

Baader 2" Four-in-One M68 Eyepiece Clamp for 2.7" AP, M60 Vixen, & M56 Synta - 4IN1

SKU: BAD-4in1
  • This Eyepiece clamp is compatible with 68 mm threaded Zeiss devices.
  • It also works with 60 mm threaded Vixen Optics devices.
  • The Baader 2" Eyepiece Clamp will also work with 2.7" threaded Astro-Physics refractors.
  • Please check the optical height of your Zeiss, Vixen, and Astro-Physics accessories, as the compatibility depends on the height.
Baader Planetarium Winged Eyeshield for Hyperion & Aspheric Eyepieces

Baader Planetarium Winged Eyeshield for Hyperion & Aspheric Eyepieces - HYP-WING

  • This eyeshield is made to work with Baader Hyperion eyepieces.

  • Baader has designed the eyeshield to easily fit on the top of the eyepiece.

  • This shield will protect your eye from extraneous light.

  • The shield is made out of black rubber.
$16.00 $12.80

Baader Planetarium 2" Deluxe Clamping Eyepiece Holder - T2-17

SKU: BAD-T2-17
  • This eyepiece holder comes with a spring-bronze clamp ring and dual stainless thumbscrews.

  • Baader's Deluxe Clamping Eyepiece Holder has an ultra low profile, taking up 1 mm of length.

  • Included in the holder is an internal 2" thread.

  • The Deluxe clamping holder can be threaded directly to an SCT.
Baader T2-24 Eyepiece Holder

Baader T2 Adjustable Length Eyepiece Holder - T2-24

SKU: BAD-T2-24
  • The Baader Eyepiece Holder works as variable length T-thread adapter.

  • The Eyepiece holder has an adjustable length of 31.5 mm (1.24") to 42.5 mm (1.67").

  • On one side of the holder, there are female T-threads and the other side has made T-threads.

  • The outer portion of the unit cannot be used alone.
Baader Planetarium T2/M48 Expanding Ring

Baader Planetarium Expanding Ring T-2/M48 - T2-29

SKU: BAD-T2-29
  • The Baader Expanding Ring converts internal 2" filter threads to internal T threads.

  • On one side of the expanding ring, there are external M48 threads.

  • The other side of the expanding ring has internal T-threads.

  • Using this Baader expanding ring will allow users to couple couple telescope focuser threads or combine T-2 parts.
Baader Planetarium Winged Eyeshield for Hyperion Zoom Mark III Eyepiece

Baader Planetarium Winged Eyeshield for Hyperion Zoom Mark III Eyepiece - ZOOM-WING

  • This Baader eye shield is made for 1.25" eyepieces.

  • Using this Rubber eye shield protects against extraneous light.

  • The eye shield is made to work with Hyperion Zoom Mark III eyepieces.

  • This black rubber eye shield can be attached and then rotated into place.

Astro Systems 2" to 1.25" Ultra-Low Eyepiece Adapter - ULA

  • Using this eyepiece adapter will lower the profile of a 1.25" eyepiece by 0.5" below the drawtube.

  • Astro System's Ultra-Low eyepiece adapter is compatible with any 2" focuser.

  • The adapter has an internal diameter is 1.9" (48.2 mm).

  • Included with the Astro Systems adapter is a compression ring and hex key.

When observing, it is crucial to outfit your eyepiece with the correct accessories. At High Point Scientific, we are committed to providing you with a diverse set of options so you can observe comfortably and easily all night long. We have accessories from the top brand in the industry, including Tele Vue, Meade, Baader, and many more.

When you purchase a new eyepiece, it often will not include all of the parts you need to secure it to your scope. Eyepiece manufacturers often will not provide accessories necessary for eyeglass wearers to use their products, such as eyeshields. This is why we offer eyepiece clamps, adapters, eyeshields, eyeguards, and other accessories so you can get the most out of your investment.

Then there are the essentials that observers do not even think about, such as dust caps. A simple accessory, dust caps are crucial to preserve your eyepiece’s optics. These caps prevent dust, dirt, and debris from slipping into the optics, which can lead to a costly procedure to remove. We recommend purchasing several of these because we often misplace such small accessories.

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