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Thousand Oaks Digital Dew Heater Controller - DDHC


Thousand Oaks Digital Dew Heater Controller

Four Channel: Each heater output is controlled independently and has a full range of adjustment from 0-100%. This eliminates the problem of overheating or not reaching desired temperature regardless of heater size and combination. Green LED indicates unit is receiving power and also serves as a low-power warning in battery saver mode. Each channel has its own red LED indicator. Compared to competitive models, it is like having four units built into one box with advanced features. Unit is small and lightweight measuring 5" x 2.5" x 1".

Digital: Latest state of the art circuitry with microprocessor. Pulse width modulation and microprocessor provides stable output for precise temperature control. Without this control, output voltage can "wander" due to moisture, temperature changes and age as seen with competitive models.

Battery Saver: Have peace of mind when using your vehicle battery, knowing that you will always have plenty of charge left to start the engine. Unit automatically turns off if voltage drops below 11.1v. At 11.25v green LED begins flashing indicating unit will turn off in approximately 30-60 minutes. With our advanced energy saving circuitry, most users can get a complete observing session without needing to start engine to recharge battery. The battery saver function can be turned off when using a dedicated battery. (Factory default =on) AUXILIARY 12V OUTPUT: Extra RCA outlet with constant 12v output for any device requiring 12v DC.

Fully Protected Circuitry: Fuse and diode protection for surge or reverse polarity.

Large Assortment of Heater Bands: Sizes available for most instruments. Our control unit also accepts other brands of heaters.