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Vanguard Supreme 46F Waterproof and Dustproof Hard Case - SUPREME46F


Vanguard Supreme 46F Waterproof and Dustproof Hard Case

The Vanguard Supreme 46F hard case is watertight and airtight up to a depth of 5 meters, dust-proof, virtually indestructible, resistant to corrosion and can withstand extreme climate variations. They can withstand temperature variations from -40 degrees C all the way up to 95 degrees C. The quick release latches are easy to use and the comfort grip handle is ideal for carrying heavy equipment. With padlock receptacles, it is ideal for airline travel. The Supreme cases are so versatile that they have an unlimited number of applications including photography, military, nautical, police/security, fire/rescue, public safety, sports & recreation and more.


  • Water, air and dust proof up to 5 meters
  • Resistant to 120 kg weight pressure
  • Automatic pressure equalization valve allows the case to be opened easily
  • Double sided waterproof memory card for identification
  • Single folded front handle, semihard double injected color handle is strong and comfortable for carrying
  • Special Design for easy fix and place own PCB circuit board and tools panel etc.


  • Foam - Yes
  • Handle - Yes
  • Construction Material - Yes
  • Rubber Feet - Yes
  • Pressure Valve - Yes
  • Lockable - Yes
  • Temperature Rating - (-40 degrees C +95 degrees C)
  • Inside Dimensions (mm) - 480 x 370 x 200 mm - (inch): 18.875 x 14.625 x 7.875
  • Outside Dimensions (mm) - 515 x 435 x 220 mm - (inch): 20.25 x 17.125 x 8.625
  • Weight (kg) - 6.80 kg - 15 lb
  • Warranty - Vanguard limited lifetime warranty