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ZWO LRGB 1.25" Premium Filter Set - LRGB125NEW


ZWO 1.25" Premium LRGB Filter Set

  • This set of four 1.25" filters has better color balance than the original LRGB set, and while it was originally made with the ASI1600 in mind, it will work great with other camera as well.
  • The ZWO Premium LRGB Filter Set includes a 1.25" (IR-Cut) Luminance Filter, 1.25" Red Filter, 1.25" Blue Filter, and 1.25" Green Filter
  • Each filter in this ZWO LRGB filter set delivers over 92% light transmission at passband
  • Compared to the standard LRGB filter set, you'll get better transmission, better color separation, and better coatings
  • RGB color combined weights are approximately 1:1:1
  • 700-1100nm infrared wavelength cut-off and precision off-band blocking
  • The ZWO Premium LRGB Filters are fine-optically polished for 1/4 wavefront accuracy
  • Multiple layers of anti-reflection coatings increase performance
  • These filters have a small spectral gap to minimize the effects of light pollution
  • All filters are housed in a sturdy filter cell