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Apertura 72 mm Doublet APO Refractor with Adjustable Flattener - 72EDR-KIT

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Apertura 72 mm Doublet APO Refractor
with Matching Field Flattener

This 72 mm f/6 portable refractor is the big brother to Apertura's super popular 60EDR, and this 72EDR package comes with an adjustable full frame flattener!  The Apertura 72mm refractor telescope is designed for visual use as well as astrophotography with your DSLR camera or a dedicated imaging camera.  It also makes a nice terrestrial telescope (spotting scope) or camera lens!

The 72 mm doublet optics are made with Ohara FPL-53 glass for amazing clarity and color correction. The lens edges are blackened to help eliminate internal reflections that would otherwise reduce contrast. There are also internal light baffles within the OTA and 14 micro baffles in the focuser drawtube. These baffles enhance contrast even further!

Rack & Pinion Focuser

The 72mm Apertura APO Refractor has a rack & pinion focuser with 10:1 micro focusing knobs. The 2" focuser is great for holding focus while observing or imaging. This focus works particularly well with those looking to participate in wide-field imaging.

Apertura 72EDR Included Accessories

  • 1.25" & 2" Compression Ring Accessory Holders : The 2" and 1.25" compression ring accessory holders are non-marring tools that will safely hold your diagonals and other accessories in place during observation and photography sessions.
  • Vixen Dovetail Plate with Tube Rings : This Vixen Dovetail plate will attach to any dovetail saddle, mount, or tripod with a 1/2-20 thread screw. The tub rings keep a sturdy hold on your Apertura refractor as well.
  • Retractable Lens Shade : This lens shade is self-storing and helps keep most of the unwanted light from neighbors and other buildings at bay.

Apertura 72mm APO Refractor Specifications

  • Optics Type: Doublet APO made with FPL-53 Glass
  • Aperture: 72mm
  • Focal Length: 430mm
  • Focal Ratio: f/6
  • Focuser: 2" Rack & Pinion
  • OTA Weight: 4.8 lb.


About the Apertura 2" Field Flattener

The Apertura Adjustable Flattener is designed to flatten the photographic field when used with the Apertura 72EDR refractor telescope and your DSLR camera. This is a full frame flattener and is threaded to accept 2" filters.

The camera side of the adjustable flattener presents M48 threads to accept a wide (M48 instead of M42) T-ring (sold separately) that will, in turn, mount to your DSLR camera body.

The telescope side of the full frame flattener includes a built-in M54 threaded adapter that accepts the rotator of the 72 mm EDR telescope. To access the rotator threads, simply remove the end collar. The inside of the M54 adapter is threaded to accept 2" filters.

In order to achieve the proper back focus, the flattener has approximately 5 mm of adjustability. The adjustment distances listed below assume a starting point of 55 mm, which is standard for a DSLR with T-ring. Therefore, keep in mind that if you use an imaging camera instead of a DSLR, you will need to use spacers to reach 55 mm, and then make adjustments on the flattener itself to accommodate the 72EDR.

  • 72EDR Flattener Adjustment: 1.5 mm
  • 72EDR Total Backfocus: 56.5 mm (55 mm + 1.5 mm)

This Product Comes with the Apertura Absolute Warranty!

  • Two-Year Warranty against product defects.
  • Three-Year Accident Replacement Program that begins after your initial 2 year warranty expires.
  • Your Apertura Absolute Warranty is transferable.

Download a copy of the Apertura Absolute Warranty for more information on this program, how to make a claim, and why it is important to keep your original receipt and the product's original boxes & packaging!