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Baader 2” BBHS Sitall Mirror Diagonal - MAX-2S

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Baader 2” BBHS Mirror Diagonal

  • Baader 2” BBHS (Broadband Hard-Coated Silver) Mirror Diagonal uses a proprietary process to dielectrically coat and thus protect the silver, giving you the best of both worlds.
  • Silver offers higher reflectivity compared to enhanced aluminum, but with better durability than ever before!
  • Greater reflectivity over a wider visual spectrum, resulting in better color contrast.
  • Clicklock 2” Eyepiece Holder uses 3-point clamping for a super secure grip on your eyepieces.
  • Both the 2” barrel and 2" eyepiece holder can be removed if you’d like to use Astro T-2 components for a wider range of configurations.

The Baader 2" BroadBand Hard-Coated Silver (BBHS) Mirror Diagonal brings silver into the 21st century. Silver has always been superior to aluminum coatings (even 'enhanced' aluminum), due to its higher reflectivity across the visual spectrum. However until now, even over-coated silver mirrors exhibited inferior durability when compared to aluminum. Baader's latest proprietary hard dielectric coating process seals and protects the silver layer to give durability that is equal to that of aluminum.

BBHS dielectric coatings deliver high reflectivity across a wider visual spectrum, resulting in improved color contrast when compared to aluminum and all-dielectric mirrors. The silver coatings also deliver noticeably less scatter than all-dielectrics, resulting in improved contrast that rivals a top quality prism.

The Baader 2” BBHS Mirror Diagonal uses the 2" Clicklock non-marring eyepiece holder for ease-of-use and the ability to hold onto an eyepiece for dear life. With an effortless 20° twist of the rubber knurled ring (which also includes a convenient fingertip lever), the Clicklock holder clamps 2" eyepieces with unbelievable security. The unique action utilizes 3-point clamping which positively and accurately locks 2" eyepieces without any of the wobbling and misalignment that can occur with single point clamps.

The 2" Clicklock Holder and 2" nosepiece of the BBHS Diagonal can both be removed to expose 2"x24tpi threads. This will allow you to integrate the diagonal with Astro T-2 System components for a wide range of configurations.

SCT Users: The diagonal body's input 2" threading is compatible with the standard Celestron/Meade 2" rear cell threads, enabling you to directly thread it onto your SCT with the use of a Baader SCT LockRing (sold separately). NexStar 8 or 8i users will find that this diagonal couples close enough to swing through zenith without hitting the RA base!