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Reducers, Correctors & Flatteners

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Apertura 1.25" Focal Reducer

Apertura 0.5x Focal Reducer - 1.25" - A-FR1

  • Inexpensive 1.25" Focal Reducer by Apertura
  • 0.5X reduction
  • Fully multi-coated doublet in black anodized cell
2" Photo & Visual Coma Corrector for Newtonian Telescopes

Apertura 2" Photo & Visual Coma Corrector for Newtonian Telescopes - A-COMA

  • Significantly reduce the coma and field curvature on your Newtonian
  • Optimized for f/4.5 Newtonian telescopes
  • Works with f/3 to f/6 Newtonian's
  • Magnification factor of 1.1X, accepts 2" filters
  • Great for both visual and photographic use
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    Apertura 0.75X Focal Reducer for Ritchey-Chretien

    Apertura 2" Focal Reducer with 0.75X Reduction for Ritchey-Chretiens - A-RCR

    • Apertura RC Reducer offers 0.75X reduction
    • f/8 RC's are reduced to f/6; f/9's transform to a scope with an effective focal ratio of f/6.75!
    • 2" barrel
    • 70mm - 80 mm focus distance from sensor to reducer thread
    • 15mm image circle
    • Reducer only, no flattening ability
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    Apertura Adjustable Flattener for 60EDR and 72EDR - FFADJ

    • 1X Flattener for Apertura 60EDR or 72EDR Refractors
    • The Apertura Flattener adjusts approximately 5 mm for proper backfocus
    • Accepts 48mm Wide T-Ring for DSLR (sold separately)
    • Full frame!
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    Apertura 0.5X Focal Reducer - 2" - A-FR2

    SKU: APT-A-FR2
    • Decrease the focal length of your telescope by half with this 2" 0.5x Focal Reducer.
    • Provides a wide field while minimizing exposure times for astrophotography.
    • This 2" 0.5x Focal Reducer contains fully multi-coated optics with two-element optical design.
    • Black anodized lens cell curtails reflections from errant light.
    • Offers considerable flexibility for set up modification.