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Explore Scientific 8.5 mm 82º LER Waterproof Eyepiece - EPWP8285LE-01

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Explore Scientific 8.5 mm 82º LER Waterproof Eyepiece

Featuring an exceptionally long 16.3 mm of eye relief, this Explore Scientific 8.5 mm Argon-Purged Waterproof 82 Degree LER Series Eyepiece provides a more comfortable observing experience for all viewers. An eyepiece with long eye relief is particularly advantageous for those who wear eyeglasses as it gives them access to the full field of view.

This eyepiece offers 8.5 mm of focal length for excellent high magnification views of the Moon, planets, and binary stars. Enhanced planetary details, as well as thorough explorations of internal nebulae and other deep sky object structures, can be achieved with close to optimal atmospheric conditions.

Superior light transmission is realized via this multi-element eyepiece's edge-blackened optics made of low-dispersion glass with a high refractive index. Additionally, each lens is fully multi-coated with durable enhanced multi-layer deposition (EMD) coatings. The combination of these factors maximizes the potential of your telescope to capture the celestial wonders you seek with sharp contrast, high resolution and crisp definition.

Given that this eyepiece presents an ultra-wide 82º apparent field of view, users are treated to an enveloping celestial observing experience while simultaneously permitting your eyes to relax so that more of the scene presented before you can be enjoyed for longer periods. First glimpses of objects rarely uncover more than superficial detail, but with the viewing time allotted by this eyepiece, much more sophisticated detail will begin to materialize. In addition, this eyepiece’s broad field of view facilitates the use of averted vision. This is a technique used to put faint objects in the part of the eye that is more light sensitive by looking slightly askew from your target object instead of directly at it. 

All Explore Scientific waterproof eyepieces are gas-purged and O-ring sealed to create a waterproof environment that is impervious to internal fogging and prevents contaminants like fungus and dust from entering the ocular housing. This design makes cleaning the eyepiece a breeze.