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Meade LX70 German Equatorial Mount & Tripod - 41-7100-00

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SKU: MEA-41-7100-00
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Meade has discontinued the LX70 German Equatorial Mount & Tripod, and we are out of stock. Here is a link to the Meade Equatorial Mounts we carry at High Point. Hopefully, you can find a proper replacement in this selection. If we can be of further assistance, please don't hesitate to call us at 1-800-266-9590 or send an email, and we will be happy to help you. Thank you!

Meade LX70 German Equatorial Mount

Seriously, this is one amazing deal! The Meade LX70 manual equatorial mount has been around for years and has introduced thousands of people to the thrill of amateur astronomy due to its flexibility and lightweight yet solid design. When the opportunity presented itself, we decided to buy the rest of the LX70 mounts Meade had available, and we hope to encourage others to take the next step into the wonderful world of astronomy by offering them at a substantial discount. While supplies last, you can purchase the LX70 Equatorial Mount for just $199, and we'll even throw in free shipping to those who live in the continental US!

Astrophotography: A manual equatorial mount is perfect for observational astronomy, and this one has nice slow motion controls to assist you in moving the mount to compensate for the earth's rotation and help you keep the object centered in your eyepiece. However, if you wish to do astrophotography with this mount, you will need to add the LX70 Dual-Axis Drive System, which is sold separately (but also on sale). Once the motors are installed and running, they will do the job of tracking objects as they move across the sky, a must for astro-imaging. Of course, if you don't have a telescope OTA (Optical Tube Assembly) yet, you will need to buy one to suit your needs. Just remember to keep the weight below 20 pounds and you'll be good to go.

The Meade LX70 is a lightweight yet sturdy, classic German equatorial mount. The mount is made of metal and is anodized with a white finish, while a few components, like the polar alignment scope cover and the setting circles, are finished in “Meade Blue”. The LX70 mount breaks down into three lightweight pieces. The mount head weighs just 9 pounds, the tripod weighs 12 pounds, and the counterweight weighs 11.4 pounds. With weights as low as these, even older children and teens can set it up!

The LX70 Equatorial Mount comes with slow-motion control knobs so that the user can manually move the mount in smooth increments to center and/or track an astronomical object. To make larger “across the sky” movements, just loosen the lock knobs on the RA and Dec axes as necessary. An optional dual-axis motor drive is available that will make these movements for you with the push of a button.

The Meade LX70 has a weight capacity of approximately twenty (20) pounds, which allows you to ride a wide variety of telescopes on the mount and still have capacity left for accessories.

The adjustable metal tripod included with the Meade LX70 weighs twelve (12) pounds. The height of the steel legs can be adjusted so that the tripod will stand anywhere from 33” to 46” tall. The tripod footprint is 38” from leg tip to leg tip. A metal tripod leg spreader bar, which helps immensely with tripod stability, doubles as an accessory tray.

The Meade LX70 Equatorial Mount comes with a metal counterweight shaft and one 11.4 lb. counterweight, finished in white to match the mount. A metal counterweight knob threads into the side of the counterweight to hold it firmly in position on the shaft.