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Celestron NexStar Evolution 8" EdgeHD with StarSense

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Celestron NexStar Evolution 8" EdgeHD w/ StarSense: The Premier Computerized Telescope!

Looking to evolve your stargazing experience through a system packed with numerous impressive features? Look no further than the Celestron 8" EdgeHD NexStar Evolution! Celestron has designed the NexStar Evolution GoTo computerized telescope series with customer feedback in mind. This design includes integrated WiFi for effortless control with your smart device, a convenient built-in lithium-iron phosphate battery to keep you powered, and increased optical performance thanks to the EdgeHD technology. Compared to their previous series of telescopes, the NexStar Evolution series improves functionality, convenience, and portability. The inclusion of corrector lenses turns your NexStar Evolution 8" EdgeHD into optical prestige. This NexStar Evolution telescopes has a substantial diameter of 8”, giving you 1.8x more light gathering power than the 6” NexStar Evolution!

Wanting to travel to dark skies? The conveniently placed handles grant easy portability of the NexStar Evolution 8" EdgeHD, making it perfect for your astronomy adventure. The durability supplied by the steel tripod stabilizes the incredible views through your eyepiece and features etchings on the 1.25” steel legs, assisting you in finding the perfect uniform height. Aiding in the stability by ensuring that the legs of the tripod remain fully open is a spreader bar that doubles as an accessory tray, storing 4 eyepieces along with other on-hand necessities. A second accessory tray located on the base of the mount holds an additional 3 eyepieces to help keep you organized. You can spend more time marveling at the beauties of space and less time organizing your observation set up. The remarkable capabilities, versatility, and timeless design of the Celestron NexStar Evolution 8" EdgeHD makes it a cut above the rest!

Powerful Optics. Precise Tracking. Versatile Design. The Ultimate SetUp!

The incredible features of this mount make it ideal for those who want an easy to use yet capable telescope set up. Take a look below to see why the Celestron NexStar Evolution 8" EdgeHD is the leading computerized telescope on the market!

The Pinnacle of Pristine Optics
The Edge HD series of telescopes improves upon an already outstanding optical design. By adding a set of corrector lenses in the rear baffle tube of the telescope, a traditional SCT telescope now becomes a Coma-Free design, ideal for both visual and large camera sensors typical on DSLR’s and the latest astro-cameras. Reinstating Celestron’s patented StarBright XLT optical coatings allows the utmost light transmission through to your camera or eyepiece, optimizing the remarkable light gathering capabilities of the 8” EdgeHD. While under the epitome of viewing conditions, rest assured knowing every bit of detail has been captured by your telescope, resulting in the resolution of faint and dim structures that would otherwise have been lost through standard SCTs. Refining the already impressive mechanical structure of the OTA, the addition of tube vents allow your telescope to hastily acclimate to the surrounding environment, resulting in stable views within your eyepiece for an extensive period of time.The incorporation of flexible rods and tension clutches built into the EdgeHD optical tube helps reduce image shift throughout the night, a point of concern inherent in traditional SCT assemblies. These remarkable features of the NexStar Evolution 8" EdgeHD help keep Celestron at the forefront of outstanding optical quality and design.

Precise and Portable
Through the fully GoTo capabilities of the Celestron NexStar Evolution 8" EdgeHD, jumping from one target to the next makes discovering our universe incredibly fun and exciting! The impressive tracking accuracy of the robust single fork arm mount on the NexStar Evolution is thanks to the inclusion of high-performance brass worm gears and motors. This, along with the reduction in gear backlash, allows for sustained views of your favorite space objects. When powered off, the included manual clutches allow maneuvering in both altitude and azimuth, offering a more hands on approach in aiming your telescope. Effortlessly carry your telescope from place to place utilizing the integrated handles and stay powered all night long with the durable built-in lithium-iron battery! Compared to other mounts on the market, the myriad of features that come standard on the NexStar Evolution series allows this system to stand out as the most complete and versatile astronomy packages on the market today.

The Ultimate Control System
The progressive design of the Celestron NexStar Evolution 8" EdgeHD includes integrated WiFi, allowing users to fully control this mount from their smartphone or tablet creating a unique stargazing experience through Celestron’s SkyPortal App. The app’s intuitive interface makes it quick and easy to align your telescope as well as choosing objects within the night sky for viewing. Simply tap any object displayed within the SkyPortal app and your telescope will center it within your eyepiece! You also have the option to control your Celestron NexStar Evolution 8" EdgeHD with the included NexStar+ Hand Controller. Noting its 40,000-object database, including the Messier, NGC, and Caldwell catalogs, this is ideal for those who want to control their telescope in a more traditional manner. In addition, thanks to the innovative software design from Celestron, controlling your Nexstar Evolution from a laptop using Celestron PWI Telescope Control Software (CPWI) is just a few clicks away. Connect your computer through the integrated WiFi or included Nexstar+ Hand Controller and enjoy slewing to all of your favorite objects through CPWI’s expansive object database. This user-friendly software allows for superb GoTo precision with the addition of multiple star alignment points, maximizing the pointing accuracy of your Nexstar Evolution. However you may decide to control your telescope, through Celestron, the universe is right at your fingertips!

The Leader in Versatility
There is no need to choose between two different setups for visual astronomy and astrophotography as the Celestron NexStar Evolution 8" EdgeHD gives you the best of both worlds! This OTA paired with the included eyepieces offers a wide range of targets to appreciate at different magnifications. At 8” in aperture and a magnification of 51x provided by the included 40mm eyepiece, see the magnificence of our galactic neighbor, the Triangulum galaxy, and resolve stunning detail on the Lagoon Nebula. At the substantial magnification of 156x through the 13mm eyepiece, witness the death of a Sun-like star, the Dumbbell Nebula, and leap into distant space revealing gems like the Whirlpool Galaxy! Easily affix your planetary camera and capture the intricate cloud bands on Jupiter or share the wonder of Saturn’s rings. In addition, thanks to the innovative design of the NexStar Evolution mount, connecting your DSLR or dedicated astronomy camera to the rear of the telescope grants increased clearance, allowing you to reach higher altitudes before you have to worry about colliding with the base.

Elevate your Experience with a Network of Accessories!
The ingenuity of the NexStar Evolution doesn’t stop with the unit itself, as Celestron has developed a myriad of useful accessories to couple with your telescope. Whether you want to add the option of long exposure astrophotography with an Equatorial Wedge, make it easier to locate objects with the 9x50 RA Finderscope, or control condensation through Dew Heater Rings, Celestron has you covered! With these endless accessories and upgrades, your Celestron NexStar Evolution 8" EdgeHD Computerized Telescope is timeless.

Included StarSense AutoAlign Technology
Through the innovative technology from Celestron, the StarSense AutoAlgin module offers automatic alignment of your telescope, letting you ditch the lengthy manual process! Working in conjunction with the included StarSense hand controller or SkyPortal app, this camera module uses observatory class software to determine the positioning of your telescope by comparing its current images to its extensive database. In just 3 minutes, this software can accurately determine the current state of the night sky, ensuring an incredibly precise GoTo experience. The installation of the StarSense module is speedy and effortless and will have you observing in no time. Simply replace your finderscope with the StarSense module and plug it into your mount through one of its four auxiliary ports. After performing a basic one-time calibration procedure, press the align button on your StarSense hand controller or the connect and align option within the SkyPortal app and be ready for a night of observing! The Celestron 8” EdgeHD Nexstar Evolution coupled with the StarSense AutoAlign module makes this one of the most enjoyable systems available today.

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