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Telescope Review: Celestron CGX

Celestron CGX Review - View the Complete CGX Line Here

High Point Scientific was given an exclusive preview of the Celestron CGX Telescope line at Celestron’s world headquarters in Torrance, California.  The Celestron CGX is Celestron’s newest addition to its already robust line of equatorially mounted telescopes.  Celestron’s CGX combines years of input from amateur astronomers along with the expertise of Celestron’s product engineers to deliver the most advanced equatorial mount priced under $5,000!  Our team had the chance to review the Celestron CGX, and we have highlighted the most impressive features below.

Weight Capacity – The Celestron CGX boasts a 55 lb. instrument payload capacity.  This means that you can stack up to 55 lbs worth of telescope, cameras and other gear on the mount and it will still maintain peak performance even while imaging.  Celestron highlighted the fact that the 55 lb payload of the CGX Mount is a conservative number and in many instances the mount performed optimally at weights above 55 lbs.

Mount Ergonomics – Celestron really paid attention to ergonomics when designing the CGX Mount.  To ensure easy transport and setup two mount handles were built into the mount.  Enhanced dovetail lock knobs as well as larger RA & DEC lock levers were added to the Celestron CGX to accommodate amateur astronomers that are looking for an easier set up experience or wear gloves in cold weather environments.

Weight to Payload Ratio – The Celestron CGX Mount head weighs in at 44 lbs and boasts a 55 lb payload.  In comparison, other mounts in the market place weigh in at 42 lbs and only offer a 40 lb payload.  This is possible because the mount is more compact then it’s predecessor and contains a ribbing design on its metal exterior which reduces weight and increases rigidity.

Mount Noise & Performance – The Celestron CGX Telescope system contains spring loaded worm gears and a high performance belt drive.  This set up offers enhanced tracking performance while running quieter throughout the evening.

Polar Alignment Adjustment – The CGX Mount from Celestron comes equipped with the All Star Polar Alignment software, and integrates easy to use polar alignment adjustment knobs.  Unlike traditional adjustment knobs the new knobs on the CGX offer a buttery smooth adjustment because of their acme threads and a Teflon bearing integrated into the mount that reduces friction during adjustment.   

Tripod – The Celestron CGX Tripod has seen a number of improvements when compared to the tripods of Celestron’s other equatorial mounts.  Perhaps the most noticeable is that the top of the tripod is bigger, thereby enhancing the stability of the tripod and overall system.  A newly redesigned accessory tray allows amateur astronomers to collapse the tripod while keeping the accessory tray installed.  Tripod legs contain graduated markings to allow for easier leveling of the tripod and all of the tripod leg fasteners are internal facing to prevent anything from getting hung up on the exterior of the tripod. The tripod boosts a wider foot print allowing for more stability as well.

Latitude Range – The base of the mount head can be loosened and slid back and forth to allow for a wider latitude range than traditional equatorial mounts.  Now amateur astronomers can achieve a latitude range of 3 – 65 degrees while maintaining maximum stability.

Celestron CGX For Astro Photography

The Celestron CGX Mount & Telescope System offers a number of enhanced features for astro imagers.  Check out our review of these CGX features below.

Internally Routed Cables – Tired of cable wrap on your equatorial mount?  Celestron has a solution in the form of internally routed cables.  DEC & RA cables of the Celestron CGX have been internally routed for a cleaner design.  The only exterior cord on this mount is that of the hand controller and power cord.

Built In Home & Limit Sensors – With backyard astronomers, as well as remote observatories in mind, the built in home sensors and limit sensors will give you the confidence that your equipment won’t crash into the tripod. For those remote observatories, the home sensors are particularly useful. If for instance, you need to reinitialize your mount, the home sensor ensures your mount will be right where you need it. For a final safety feature, Celestron has included hard stops in both RA and DEC to ensure your Celestron CGX and associated gear is kept safe.

Software – Each Celestron CGX comes equipped with software that Celestron Co-Developed with PlaneWave Instruments.  This collaboration serves up software that controls the telescope and motorized focuser.  In addition, you can perform Multi Point Mount Modeling for superb pointing accuracy in any point of the sky.

Celestron CGX Review Conclusion

The Celestron CGX Mount & Telescope System offers a plethora of amazing features that have propelled this mount into a class of its own!  Mounts with this level of strength, accuracy and technology sell for nearly three times as much as the CGX.  For additional information regarding the CGX feel free to take a look at our video interview with Celestron’s lead product engineer or contact our telescope specialists at or 800.266.9590.