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Starlight Xpress Slimline OAG for USB Filter Wheel with Lodestar - SLFW-OAG

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Starlight Xpress Ultra Slimline OAG Assembly

The Starlight Xpress Ultra-Slimline Off-Axis Guider is a useful USB Filter Wheel accessory that makes accurate, flexure-free guiding easy to achieve. The extremely slim OAG assembly screws directly to the wheel face and adds only 13mm to the back focal distance of the wheel. The 10 x 8mm prism fully illuminates a Lodestar or EX guider CCD and the pick-off axis may be adjusted to optimize the guide image quality.

The SX-SLFW-OAG assembly is meant for use with the SX USB Filter Wheel and a Lodestar, SXV, or SXV-EX autoguider, all of which have very similar back focus. Starlight Xpress also offers a package that includes a 30 mm extension tube and the Ultra Slimline OAG (SX-UOAG) for those who use other cameras and need to adjust the back focus.

The image shows a Starlight Express camera, USB filter wheel, slimline OAG, Lodestar, and adapter. All but the OAG assembly are sold separately.